About Us

Article House will bring everyone in the fashion value chain together and help to raise awareness of the true cost of fashion, show the world that change is possible, and celebrate all those involved in creating a more sustainable future.As a global movement uniting around an annual campaign, over the next 5 years we believe we will build considerable momentum and achieve incredible impact together. We recognize that, in many cases, Article House will bring together organisations and people that, outside of Article House , remain competitors.

Fashion refers to a prevailing mode of expression, whether it be custom, style of dress, speech, or other. Inherent in the term is the idea that the mode will change more quickly than the culture as a whole. More specifically, Fashion denotes a prevailing style of dress. Styles in clothing have been used throughout history to allow the wearers to express emotion or solidarity with other people. Fashion is seen as a display of individuality; a person’s fashion gives the world around them an idea of who they are. Fashion has been used as an indicator of social class or social status, or as a gauge of how attuned they are to the popular trends of the time.

Fashions may vary significantly within a society according to age, social class, generation, occupation, and geography. If, for example, an older person dresses according to the fashion of young people, he or she may look ridiculous in the eyes of both young and older people. The terms “fashionista” or “fashion victim” refer to those who slavishly follow the current fashions.


Article House believe in fashion – an industry which values people, the environment, creativity and profits in equal measure, and it’s everyone’s responsibility to ensure that this happens.Article House provide latest updates about fashion and Styles.